~ Re-awaken ~

Evoking the Sacredness within

Throughout every era, humans have honoured Sacredness and the rhythmic order of life through the art and practice of daily rituals.  Designed to help re-ignite or re-awaken this sense of Sacredness within and around all of us, Tender Heart provides an array of quality products to support one as they embark on their personal path of development and return.

From finely crafted low smoke Japanese incense to elegant silk eye pillows and body wraps, to books and music purposely designed to support one to deepen their inner-connection, we are proud to share a product range that is there to support sooth the body, quiet the Spirit and begin to awaken the Soul.

Choosing only the finest quality, every product we sell is one that we personally love and appreciate and use in our own daily rituals. From the craftsmanship, the packaging, the design and of course, the practicality of the item itself - every part is considered and cared for, assuring a high quality experience for our clients. 

Be it a gift for a loved one or a gift for yourself, we hope you enjoy our range of products and enjoy including them within your daily rituals and celebrations.

Kunjudo Japanese Incense

Kunjudo Low Smoke Incense offers a beautifully crafted, high quality product that honours the ancient art of Ko-Do, the Way of Incense, an art that focuses on capturing the feel and qualities of what nature has provided rather than simply recreating the recognition of a familiar smell.  Across many decades, Kunjudo has developed an exquisite range of low smoke incense that celebrates the subtle beauty of both florals and woods, either together or apart, to form a product perfect for our modern era.

Traditional Japanese Incense
Low Smoke Incense